Christopher Newell

19 East Derry Road, Derry, NH 03038 - (603)421-0076 -

Objective [brief details hide]
  To obtain a position with a growing company developing state of the art applications in the Internet/networking arena.
Primary Job Skills [brief details hide]
  Developing network-based applications in Java, JSP, and Perl.
Installing and maintaining Internet related servers
HTML/general site planning and development
Software/OS experience [brief details hide]
  Java/JSP, Perl, Javascript, XML, Sun Solaris, Linux, Microsoft (all versions including 2000 and XP), Netscape Enterprise Server, iPlanet, Apache, Tomcat, Oracle, CUseeMe Conference Server, CuseeMe Web SDK, MySQL, Remedy Action Request Server, IBM Visual Age, IBM WebSphere Studio, Dreamweaver Ultradev, HylaFax, WinGate, ImageMagick
Experience [brief details hide]
November 2001 - Present
Senior Software Engineer
IVC Solutions
Nashua, NH
  Provided technical consulting and software development services for Merck & Co, Quicknet Technologies, First Virtual Communications, VideoSociety, and several small businesses
  Developed an XML/Java servlet API to FVC's Conference server allowing the customer's engineers to securely manipulate the server via Java applets
  Integrated video conferencing technology into two web sites geared to the consumer and SOHO markets
July 1999 - October 2001
Senior ASP Software Engineer
First Virtual Communications
(formerly CUseeMe Networks)
Nashua, NH
  Built several Java based applications for internal use, including an online certification test and a reservation system for QA resources.
  Developed a Perl API to CuseeMe's Conference server
  Built a multitude of back end scripts and utilizing the CU-Web SDK and CUCS
  Supervised subcontractor's installation and implementation of Oracle 8i, iPlanet, and Remedy.
December 1998 - July 1999
Lead Developer
Inergy/Integrated Applications
Billerica, MA
  Completed updates and repairs to a site consisting of more than 1,000,000 lines of outdated Perl code
  Coordinated 3 other developers to develop an architecture and to rewrite existing code, moving from DEC Alpha/Digital UNIX using Berkley DBs to Sun Sparc/Solaris using Oracle 8.x
March 1998 - December 1998
Web Site Developer
New England Publishing
Peabody, MA
  Developed full bridal site ( Site features include database assisted shopping for wedding services, complete web based back end for site administration, users can develop their own 'mini' websites, notification of advertisers via fax.
1996-August 1999
Partner/owner Perl/CGI development
Burlington, MA
  Developed several sites that permit inexperienced users to easily update sections of their web site using only their browser.
  Built applications for a simple interface to an SQL database allowing novices to review and administrate the database. These applications were specifically designed with future expansion in mind.
  Produced a set of scripts that allow quick and easy changes that affect the entire web site.
  Integrated CGI scripts with Netscape Enterprise Server and an SQL database to restrict access to areas of the site, manage, manipulate, and present user's data without the use of cookies.
  Implemented a CGI to fax gateway for companies without Internet access.
  Developed an entire system of CGI scripts to allow users to produce their own miniature web site complete with graphics (via HTTP upload), prefabricated CGI scripts, and a simple user interface to allow updates.
  Constructed and implemented a means of trapping CGI errors and notifying the administrator with appropriate debugging information.
  Created a script to automatically generate thumbnails of full sized images.
Assistant General Manager
Andover Country Club
Andover, MA
  Responsibilities included supervision and troubleshooting for entire club focusing mainly on food and beverage outlets.
  Directly supervised a staff of 50 to 75 employees including hiring/firing, scheduling, payroll, etcetera.
  Created an extensive world wide web site to promote sales in all areas
  Developed software to computerize beverage inventory system and payroll/gratuity distribution.
  Managed and maintained an NCR cash register network and an NEC telecommunications system with a NUMA call accounting system.