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  • ARPA (Advanced Research Projects Agency) founded within Dept of Defense to catch USSR science and technology


  • RAND Corporation begins research. How can US authorities communicate after a nuclear attack?


  • ARPANET commissioned by DoD to research networking
  • 4 nodes created....UCLA, Stanford Research Institute, UCSB, U of Utah.


  • ARPANET reaches 15 nodes
  • First e-mail protocol


  • NCSA (National Center for Supercomputing Applications) creates telnet


  • ARPANET establishes first international connection (England and Norway)
  • Ethernet perceived


  • USENET established
  • First MUD


  • TCP/IP established by DCA and ARPA
  • the term Internet is used for the first time


  • First name server developed at U of Wisconsin
  • First desktop computers appear


  • now up to 1,000 hosts


  • NFSNET created (backbone speed of 56K)
  • First Freenet (Cleveland)


  • NSF inks agreement with Merit Network, Inc. to manage NSFNET. Merit in turn works with IBM and MCI
  • UUNET is founded
  • Exceeds 10,000 hosts


  • NSFNET backbone upgraded to a T1
  • IRC developed


  • Exceeds 100,000 hosts


  • ARPANET dissolved
  • Archie released
  • The World becomes the first commercial ISP
  • First remotely operated machine hooked up to the Internet (a toaster)


  • WAIS released
  • Gopher released
  • WWW released by CERN (European Lab for Particle Physics [Swiss])
  • PGP released
  • SFNET backbone upgraded to a T3


  • Exceeds 1,000,000 hosts
  • Veronica released
  • World Bank goes online


  • First browsers become available...NetScape and Mosiac
  • InterNIC created by NSF..AT&T handles directories and databases, NSI (Network Solutions, Inc.) handles registration, and General Atomics/CERFnet handles information services
  • White House goes on-line
  • WWW Worms and crawlers created
  • Internet Talk Radio begins
  • UN goes on-line
  • WWW traffic at a 341,634% annual growth rate, Gopher is at 997%


  • US Congress provides information servers
  • Cyber Malls arrive
  • Arizona law firm invents spam. Net users flame back!
  • WWW sneaks past telnet to become 2nd most popular service (FTP was #1)
  • First cyberbank on-line


  • Java released
  • NSFNET reverts back to research network. Main US backbone goes commercial
  • Real Audio released
  • WWW surpasses FTP traffic to become #1 protocol
  • Compuserve, AOL, Prodigy connect to internet
  • NetScape goes public with the third largest ever NASDAQ IPO share value
  • Registration of domain names no longer free
  • First successful Internet wire tap by the Secret Service and DEA


  • Internet phones catch the attention of US telecommunication companies who ask the US Congress to ban the technology.
  • The controversial US Communications Decency Act becomes law in the US in order to prohibit distribution of indecent materials over the Net.
  • Microsoft makes a strong bid for control of the Internet market place with MS Explorer (a web browser that is still available for free.)
  • 9,272 organizations find themselves unlisted after the InterNIC drops their name service as a result of not having paid their domain name fee.


  • American OnLine (AOL) suffers as they are unable to handle the growing number of users.

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