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Clinton Bashing

1. Q: What's the title of Hillary Clinton's new book?
     A: "It Takes a Village - To Keep My Husband Happy."

2. Q: What did Clinton's dog Buddy say to him on hearing
         about Zippergate?
   A: Do they serve Alpo in prison?

3. Q: Why does Clinton invite so many women into the
          Oval Office?
    A: To show them the executive branch.

4. Q: What did Clinton say when presented with the
          abortion bill?
    A: "Pay it."

5. Q: What does Bill say to Hillary after sex?
     A: "I'll be home in twenty minutes!"

6. Said on the radio: "Well, I believe that our president
     should focus more on the no-fly zone...
     NOT the drop-fly zone!"

7. Clinton hasn't been seen lately. He's been out looking
      for the real adulterer.

8. Clinton didn't tell Monica to lie in her disposition.
     He told her to lie in that position.

9. Most people worry about getting AIDS from sex.
    The president worries about getting sex from aides.

10. Next week, the president will deliver his state of the
       uterus address.

11. Clinton, Newt Gingrich, and Dan Quayle are swept up
       in a tornado and land in the Emerald City. The great Wizard
       grants them each a wish. Gingrich says, "If I only had a heart."
       Quayle says, "If I only had a brain."
       Clinton says, "Where's Dorothy?"

12. Finally, this one e-mailed to us from Hal Hersh,
       one of the few people willing to take credit:
      "How can Hillary be the first lady? She's lucky if
        she's the 50th!"

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