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Great Golf

This foursome has teed off every Saturday morning for the past three years.
One of the guys was a most remarkable player. He would play left-handed for
a couple of weeks, and the next week he would play right-handed with equal
skill. His one annoying fault was that every couple of months or so he
would be twenty minutes late to tee off.
One morning, after this guy had landed his second shot just two feet from
the pin, one of the others said. "I can't stand it any longer! Jess, what's
with switching sides, right to left? Why do you do that?" 
"Well, I tell ya. Every Saturday morning when I wake up, I turn over and
look at my wife in the bed next to me. If she's sleeping on her right side,
then I tee off right-handed. If she's on her left side, then I play
"Aha! But what if she's on her back?"
"That's when I'm twenty minutes late!"

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