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Jeeve's night off

One night a wealthy executive was invited to a friend's party. In a
jovial mood, she told her butler Jeeves that he could make himself
at home at the house because she would probably stay at her friend's.

As luck would have it her pager went off as soon as she arrived at
party so she had to return home to get some paperwork to bring to 
the office.

When she came home Jeeves was relaxing in the parlour smoking one
of her boyfriend's fine Cubans and nursing a glass of fine cognac.

She went to her bedroom and called for him.

When he arrived she stood with her back to him and
said 'Jeeves, please take off my dress.'

'Yes madam.' he replied meekly.

'Now Jeeves, please remove my slip.' she urged.

'Yes madam.' he said red faced.

'Now take off my bra and panties too.' 

'As you wish madam.' he sighed.

She turned to face him and thier eyes met and she said
'Jeeves, please don't wear my clothes any more!'

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