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Statues can have fun too

Two naked statues, a man and a woman, had been standing looking at 
each other, in a park, for a hundred years.  An angel came to visit 
them and said that since they had stood there so patiently throughout 
all the summers and winters, they would be rewarded with half an hour
of human life, to do what they had been wanting to do the most.

So, the two statues came to life, looked at each other, laughed a bit 
and said, 'Shall we?' 'Yes, let's.'  They slipped off behind some 
shrubbery and there was a lot of rustling.  After 15 minutes, they came 
out from behind the bushes all hot, flustered and happy.

The angel said they had only used half their time and why not start all 
over again?  So the statues giggled a bit and the man statue said to 
the woman statue, 'OK, Let's do it again, only this time we'll do it the 
other way
around.  I'll hold down the pigeon and YOU
crap on it!'

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