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Yugo Jokes

Q. How do you double the value of a Yugo?
A. Fill the tank with gas!
What do Yugos have in common with Ferarris?
- A Ferarri can go from 0 to 60 in 4 seconds.
- A Yugo can go from 0 to 4 in 60 seconds.
Q. Why does a Yugo have a rear window defroster?
A. To keep your hands warm as you push it.
"The Oakland Police captured two men in their Yugo last night. The men are
being held as suspects in the city's first push-by shooting."
Q. What comes with every Yugo User's Manual?
A. The bus schedule.
From the Yugo owner's manual: "If you sense an impending accident with any
other animate or inanimate object larger than a breadbox, quickly
  1) place head between legs,
  2) lock hands behind head,
  3) Repeat: "Our Father, who art in heaven..."
Consumer safety tests showed that a 5 mph parking-lot crash will cause
about $2800 damage to a Yugo.  What's left?  About $1200 of "dealer prep."
Q. What do you call a Yugo at the top of a big hill?
A. A miracle!

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