Just Another Shitty Day In Paradise!!
In February my uncle, Ron Fredette (Thank you Ron!!!) was so kind as too give me use of his 27" Novo Sail boat. Andy Toomey and I took it From Punta Gorda out through the Peace River to Charlotte Harbor out to the Gulf and down to Cabbage Key. A long the way we met many great people, and a good time was had by all!! I would like to thank just some of those people who helped make this such a good time and for being ever so kind:
Rich and Alicia, Lyle, Andy, Bill F., Jim and Sueie Fredette (my other uncle and aunt), Roberta, Rob (owner cabbage key), Brett (Bar tender cabbage key), John (Bar tender cabbage key), Terry (Harbor guy cabbage key), and our new friends Pam, Butch, Bob, and Tammera.

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Cesna N51242.
A photo of my airplane (N51242).

Florida 2000
Some pictures from the trip to Florida.

My Network Room.
Some photos of my computer (toy) room.

My Resume.
Job history, letters of recommendation and training.


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