Site Automation
Web site automation is one of the key aspects of a successful web site. Automation can be programmed to interact in different ways...with the user to provide information based on user input, or with the administrator to allow for a simple method of updating content or reviewing site statistics. Some of the more common examples include:
  • Form handling...this can include error checking, responses based on user input, and collection and manipulation of the information received.

  • Database interaction...where there is a large amount of data to be accessed a script can help the user find the information quickly and easily.

  • Cataloging...links to innumerable resources can be provided to a user and still be easily adjusted by the administrator.

  • of the best ways to keep users coming back to a site is to provide some type of game or trivia.


Domain Name
A tool to help check for the availability of a Domain Name.

Site Hosting
Information on AbleWeb's hosting services and pricing information.

Web Site Development
Information on AbleWeb's development services and pricing information.

Web Site Automation
Information on how AbleWeb can help automate your Web Site.

  • On-line commerce...often used in conjunction with other types of interaction, this has become one of the most important features of the Internet. Providing customers with the ability to make purchases quickly, easily, and safely can be another key service. A happy customer is a repeat customer.

  • Statistics keeping...want to know how many people are looking at your site? Where they came from? What parts of your site they are utilizing the most? This information helps to maximize your investment in your site.

  • Additional customer interaction...sending messages to online customers could be only a click away. You can also provide an online bulletin board system to provide a forum for discussion similar to that of a news group.

Limitations on automation are subject only to the user's imagination. AbleWeb specializes in providing automation to your web site. Please contact us with your questions or ideas!

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