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Getting a Domain name.
One of the most important aspect of building and marketing a Web Site is selecting a domain name (i.e. It is important to make your domain name something memorable or simple.
In most cases you will likely want to use your companies name, this can sometimes be a problem if someone else has already purchased the use of that domain name from the InterNIC.*
The InterNIC is a not-for-profit contractor for the US government that maintains domain names for the World Wide Web. Their fee is $70.00 for the first two years and $35.00 every year after that.

* If you're company is incorporated you may have some legal right to the domain name that bares your companies name, but this is a vast issue. For more information regarding this please contact us at

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Use this program to query the InterNIC and check the availability of a domain name.
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Domain Name
A tool to help check for the availability of a Domain Name.

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