What is virtual web site hosting?

After selecting a Domain name, you will need to host it on a server that is connected to the Internet. Unless you have a very busy web site, it is not economical to have a server of your own. The alternative is to host on a server with other web sites (virtual web site hosting).


E-mail is a method of exchanging files (most frequently simple text messages) directly from person to person. A service similar in concept is voice mail. One distinct advantage over voice mail is that each e-mail user has a permanent copy of the correspondence for his records. E-mail is most commonly used for one-on-one communications. Messages and files can be quickly and easily exchanged between two users and can be encrypted for security.


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E-mail can also be used to easily send the same message to large or small groups of people. This could be useful for:
  • Notifying customers of the latest developments in a specific project
  • Informing potential clients of a new product
  • Communicating messages to groups of employees

E-mail can also be used to share messages with all members of a specific group. This is especially useful for facilitating collaboration of information between several people. Each member of the group could receive copies of the messages submitted to the group as individuals. Replies may be directed back either to the entire group or to the sender.

The World Wide Web :

The World Wide Web (hereinafter called the Web) is the most well known aspect of the Internet. Often, people mistakenly use the word 'Internet' instead of the more specific 'Web'. The Web is the front door to your Internet presence. The characteristics of the Web allow you to display information formatted in an eye-catching manner using various options such as graphics, photos, varying font sizes and many different colors and backgrounds.
The Web can be used for a multitude of purposes. If you think of email as powerful sort of voice mail, then you could think of the Web as a powerful kind of television commercial. The parallel being that the web site can reach a vast number of people. Its chief advantage over other mediums is that the only limit to the amount of information that can be presented is the viewer's attention span.

Secure Commerce or Secure Transactions

These are popular buzzwords for the Internet. They are, quite simply, a means for sending encoded information via the Internet so that only the recipient will be able to view the information. This is primarily used to obtain credit card information for purchases. The process of making these purchases can be easily done on a form with an encrypted email message containing the order information or a more robust shopping cart application that integrates with a database of products, prices and shipping information.

Database integration

This is a very broad category that uses information stored in a database in any number of ways. Using this technique a web site can be tailored for an individual's needs and the information provided to the user can be updated quickly and easily. Some popular uses for database integration include:
  • Providing access to vast amounts of information such as part descriptions, numbers, and prices
  • Personalizing pages with the user's name or account information
  • Storage of information obtained from the user for later use
A pristine example of a web site that maximizes the use of databases is With literally millions of books in their inventory, covering every imaginable subject, they simply had to embrace database technology to avoid overwhelming their customers. The database is now used to store the customer's ordering information. Then after their first order the customer can place new orders, with only one click. Using information from previous orders, the company employs suggestive selling by pointing out other titles in their inventory that are similar in content and lists books that other users bought at the same time. They also provide comments from other users as well as from professional literary critics. They allow users to sign up for a service that will send them an e-mail when a book matching their criteria is added to Amazon's inventory. If you would like to see database integration in action, you should really consider visiting This is probably the most effective retail web site on the Internet.

Information sharing

One of the objectives of a typical web site is to lure users back to the site as frequently as possible, thereby keeping your company's name in front of the customer. Providing the user with reference material or accurate data that changes regularly may facilitate this strategy. Contributing information such as user's manuals, product related instruction, or industry news and statistics are reliable ways of attracting regular visitors to your site. Additionally, many users that frequent the Internet will perceive this as an attempt at giving something back to the Internet community.

Bulletin board

Frequently used by educational institutions and research groups, a bulletin board provides a forum for ongoing discussion similar to that of a news group or e-mail list. Questions or comments are posted for all to see, and replies to that message are grouped along with it. This may be handy for providing customer support, as the user will be encouraged to peruse other people's questions and answers before using your resources to respond to a repetitive question. Access to a bulletin board may be custom configured to restrict (or allow) access to any of the features individually. You may allow anyone in the world to post a question and only the staff to reply, or you may wish to allow anyone to join in the conversation, creating a true open forum.

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