Site Development

Web sites provide a company with the means to communicate with customers, potential customers, and employees in an efficient and cost effective manner.

To communicate with a potential customer by traditional means, you must generally represent yourself in a limited realm. A minute or less in a radio or TV commercial, or a page in a magazine simply can't provide you the benefits of a thoughtfully constructed web site.

A web site should be utilized in conjunction with other media campaigns, to supplement their value. In a line of a magazine ad or a second or two of a commercial you can provide the person with a means to access a wealth of information about who you are, what you do, and how well you do it.

A web site can place an infinite amount of information at someone's finger tips. It can also be utilized for it's bi-directional communication. These advantages are available at the customer's convenience and from the comfort of their own home or office.


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Information on AbleWeb's hosting services and pricing information.

Web Site Development
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Web Site Automation
Information on how AbleWeb can help automate your Web Site.

Building a site has several parts to consider:

  • Content
    The literary text of your site is the most important part. Most customers choose to provide the full text of the site. It must be carefully laid out to provide the user with easy access to all of the information. Be sure to discuss this with the developer at length. A creative writer can be assigned to compose the text using personal interviews, company literature, and other related materials.
  • Custom images
    This is the process of either creating an image from scratch, major re-editing of a scanned image, or a combination of the two. This is artwork and it is quite time consuming. You want to clearly communicate your ideas. If you have camera ready materials for print media you will certainly want to make them available.
  • Scanned images
    The actual time to scan an image is directly related to the quality and complexity of the original image. If you are able to provide the images on a disk this price will certainly decrease.
  • HTML
    HTML is the formatting of the pages that determines how each page is laid out. Duplicate code can often be used in pages that are formatted similarly.

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