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AbleWeb opened its doors in October 1995, Just as the World Wide Web was becoming a little more then a means of communication for the academic elite. Founders Michael Doré and Chris Newell saw the need to be at the forefront of the technology that was destined to change the way the world does business. The company, in a short time, learned that, based on a commitment to one-on-one service, AbleWeb would be able to compete with, and outlast the influx of Web development companies that were seen in late 1996. Within the first year AbleWeb purchased it's first server ,a Sun Sparc V. which gave AbleWeb the ability to customize the server to the needs of its customers. AbleWeb now owns several such servers dedicated to only business clients; we do not provide service to non-commercial ventures (such as private dial-up connections) which could reduce the speed and efficiency of both our network and our staff. AbleWeb is now approaching its fifth year in a good financial position with a strong and satisfied customer base.


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